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Deck Cleaning

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Deck Cleaning

We offer complete deck cleaning and treatment service Auckland wide.
Over the time with the change of weather, moss mould and lichen can start to infect your decks. These types of biomasses tend to thrive in cold and damp conditions and will effectively eat away at your timber if not washed or treated.

Deck cleaning is unlike any other household cleaning. When the wet damp weather causes a build-up of algae and moss, it turns into an ugly space. It can also be very dangerous when it gets slippery. To stop the wood from rotting and impacting the integrity of the structure, you need to look for a professional deck cleaning service. We offer a wide range of property maintenance services that also include effective and fast deck and fence cleaning solutions. We are armed with the proper cleaning tools and equipment that ensures complete cleaning of moss, lichen, and mould. There is a wide range of timbers and each requires a specific way of maintenance.

We understand which solution works well on the different types of surfaces. Your decks should be cleaned every second year with a treatment the year after.

Why choose our deck cleaning service?

  • We use effective mould cleaning solutions, ensuring the complete removal of lichen, mildew and bacteria build-up on the surface.
  • We are experienced in cleaning timber and understand the use of correct pressure so as not to damage the woodwork.
  • We guarantee our work.
  • We will offer you a very competitive rate.

The ideal way to keep the outside of your property tidy is to consider periodical deck cleaning service. To know more about our service, please feel free to call us at – 0800 88 1123

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