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Fence Washing

Fence Cleaning Before & After in North Shore

Fence Cleaning

Auckland’s  harsh weather can take a toll on your property as the conditions are ideal for algae and lichen to take hold. Wooden fences are most susceptible to damage if un washed and treated. Whether it’s just dirty or covered with moss and mildew, we can help you.

Fences are often one of the most unattended areas in our opinion and should be washed alternate on years. Over time it can be damaged if proper care is not taken.

An unsightly and discoloured fencing can let down the appearance of your property. Our professional fence cleaning service covers Auckland wide and we can restore your fence back to its as new condition. Please see our before & after photos.

Effective Fence Cleaning Service

We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to wash the surface of all fencing and trellis. A thick layer of mildew and mould are removed and we also take care of the discoloration caused by UV rays.

We use pressure water blasting to make sure no stain of dirt is lurking around. This process is very effective in removing lichen, gunge, and moss.

No matter the condition of your fence, well make sure to leave it in a ‘completely new’ state.

Regular maintenance can save you from costly repairs in future.

If you’re interested to bring back the fence in a new condition, please feel free to call us at – 0800 88 1123

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